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Adopts (Open) by Shadowbane-kimikaro
Pay here for the adopts i make 



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United States
I'm 23 years old a female single
No God by GodIsAFake Go ahead and bash me on this,but i really don't think there is a god and i have a reason behind it so don't just make up random bullshit to make me feel bad for not believing in him,When i was a little girl 12 my grandpa was sick I prayed to god at that time i believed in him for him to make my grandpa better guess what he didn't and he passed away from then on i stopped believing.

Believe in Ghosts Stamp by LilyFlareJacksepticeye stamp by PenguinPotatoGAMER Hardcore STAMP by Faeth-designCat Love Stamp by cloudratgirl gamers stamp by thechaosprojectLow Self-Esteem stamp by Radioactive-BlossomInternet death -Stamp- (FREE TO USE) by TeaGemTaurus by mysageteddy stamp by findyQI Love him Leon Kennedy by ll-SleOn-llMy pets are my family by emmilI heart Pandas Stamp by xXMandy20Xx:thumb171174048:Man vs spider by CookiemagiK

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SSSP contest entry by Shadowbane-kimikaro
SSSP contest entry
My entry for Arianstar's Special  Somepony Contest
Cherry Blast 
Likes: Exploring, reading, learning new things, having fun , Sweets,the night sky,stars,walking at night,plays,acting
Dislikes:Not Knowing her birth family,being abandoned,not knowing true love 
Personality:Very Bright,Fun,Caring,Hard worker,Creative,Kind,a bit timid
Other: Was Orphaned at a young age,was Also Played Love wise,is unsure about Falling in love again but wants to know what it's like 

How they met: 

Cherry blast or C.B for short sighed as she walked through her Home town felt many eyes on her and it caused her to get Paranoid,Looking up to try to be strong she saw Many Couples walking around and only a few single Mares and stallions such as herself and felt very upset and sad walking twords a field she stayed at Until Day brake to look at the stars and feel wanted by the cold,calm embrace of night,she had always felt this way even as a Filly.The night sky with the stars is all she knew when she was a Filly she had nobody no family no one to take care of herself it was just her,she managed to make a living for herself by acting and singing while living on the streets some kind and generous Ponyfolk would donate bits to her or food that's how she found her CM and talent,Closing her eyes as she layed on the grass before she started to sing to the night sky,she had no idea Another Mare was In the Same Field Until the Mare spoke " have a very Lovely Voice" Cherry ( another nickname) Squeaked and fell backwards causing the Unknown mare to giggle some. Cherry Looked up at the Mare and felt her heart leap out of her chest and her throat become dry "I..Thank you" Cherry said Coughing a bit. "I..I've never seen you before,whats your name" Cherry asked looking at their hooves. "Oh..I don't come out much...In fact your the only Mare I've talked to" Cherry tilted her head and looked up at the mare And was taken back by the Mares appearance she was Beautiful "How Come?" "I've gotten Picked on due to my Unusual Markings and due to this I'm unsure of Many" Cherry nodded "well I don't see why They have any right to Pick on you,Your markings are what make you Unique,and who ever has the nerve and guts to pick on you just because of that haven't bothered to get to know you" A blush rose on Cherry's Cheeks "if You wouldn't Mind,I'd like to get to know you a bit more and Maybe become your friend?" "I mean if that's OK with you,I understand if it isn't,Oh geese i don't even know your name". "My name is SymphonyStar,and It's OK with me As long as it's just us and nobody else" "SymphonyStar..Very Pretty and That i can do,Same time Same place over the weekend?" SymphonyStar Nodded "I'll see you then..?" "Cherry" "I'll see You then Cherry". (( the rest is up to your Imagination)) 
SSP  Contest entry by Shadowbane-kimikaro
SSP Contest entry
My entry for Arianstar's…
Sunflower rose
Likes: Exploring, reading, learning new things, having fun , Sweets, 
Dislikes: being told she can't do something, told its impossible, not getting her Flower orders out in time 
Personality: Fun,outgoing,protective,adventurous,Mature  
Other: has two sisters, has determination, is competitive, careful, intelligent,Compassionate,Motherly 

How they Met : Sunflower Rose Returning from one of her bouquet Delivery's sighed as she tried to think of what to make for dinner that night for her sisters,Lost in thought Sunflower had her eyes closed as she galloped twords her home Only to open her eyes quickly when she heard a voice yelling out a Look out.Sunflower made a loud Yelp sound when she was tackled into by a pegsi mare with curly,puffy blond hair "owww" Sunflower said sitting up rubbing the side of her head with her hoof until she looked next to her and saw what or who slammed into her seeing it was another Mare a Pegasus to be exact with a saddle bag on her hips  "Oh my,Are you alright?!" Sunflower asked quickly getting to her feet holding out a Hoof to the Pegasus "Yes,yes I'm alright Sorry about bumping into you,Wait who are you are you new I don't think I've ever met you before" Sunflower was a bit taken back but helped the Pegasus to her feet and laughed " I'm sunflower rose,but most just call me Sunflower,No I'm not new well to you yes i am but around town Not really I deliver Flower Bouquets that i grow and harvest myself" That's when she noticed the Muffin hair pin next to her hoof "oh Is this yours" Sunflower used her magic to lift it up in front of the Pegasus who nodded "yes that's Mine,I'm Muffin but my nickname is Muffy" Sunflower smiled put the Hair pin back into Muffin's hair with a smile "it's nice to meet you" Muffin nodded before letting out a gasp "Oh no I'm late,I need to Hurry and Deliver these it's for a Birthday party!" Sunflower nodded "well I'll let you go then,but before you go would you I don't know Like to meet up some time and maybe hang out or go for lunch?" Muffin Nodded "sure We can Have Lunch at Sugar cube Corner my Mom works there,could we meet up over the weekend?" "Sure See you then?" Muffin nodded "see you then" and they went their own ways.       

Journal History

These Poor Inkies are Orphaned and In need of homes they are free so they do not cost anything,i do hope whoever reads this Thinks of taking in some  All the information that you need to know can be found here 

A Call for Aid (Freebie Inky Opportunity)

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